Becoming a Health Coach

Judy Banks, Certified Health Coach & Meditation Instructor

Thinking of Becoming a Health Coach?

By making the decision to become a health coach, you are embarking upon a rewarding, worthwhile career goal that will not only be lucrative, but offer you the opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of those you coach.

Joining IIN places you inside a very empowering Community of support and knowledge that never ends!  This is a group of people that work together, and form a tight knit alliance that will enable you to accomplish your goals each step of the will never feel alone in your journey.

What is a Holistic Health Coach?

A Holistic Health Coach is a guide, a mentor, and an authority on health and wellness. A Holistic Health Coach helps their clients find health, happiness and balance through integrated methods of nutrition, lifestyle, and mind/body awareness.

Thinking of becoming a Health Coach?

If you're prepared for an awesome journey toward helping people make real changes in their lives, all while earning the lucrative salary you desire… you're making an excellent decision. With the increasing cost of health care, and the prolific spread of easily preventable disease and discomfort, this is "prime time" in the preventative care industry. Become a health coach and make the decision now to be part of a revolution to bring back the healthy lifestyle – to help people live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives – all while earning the income and living the life you've always dreamed of.

Top Five Reasons Health Coaching is the Perfect Career Choice Today

5. The media is all over the health coaching industry right now, and in a very good way! Watch the nightly news, turn on a talk show, read a magazine or newspaper, and you'll definitely come across a report of the unbelievable benefits of health coaching and holistic nutrition.

4. Health Care is only getting more expensive, and our system is focused on treatment instead of prevention. People go to the doctor when they are feeling sick and need treatment for an ailment, but there is a huge gap in prevention. Even doctors and health care companies recognize the overwhelming need for people to make healthier decisions about what they eat, when they exercise, and how they think about staying well. Health Coaches fill that gap.

3. People today are generally unhealthy, and have no idea how to fix it. We hear it all day. People are tired, sick, and overweight. There's a fast food restaurant on every corner, and exercise is being forced to take a back seat to work and family obligations. People want to change, but they don't know how. Health Coaching provides the support they need to stick with realistic goals to make attainable, positive changes.

2. People are hearing about health coaching everywhere, seeking it out, and paying top dollar for it. Working with a health coach to achieve optimal wellness reduces health care costs both long and short term, plain and simple. Coaching makes complete economical sense, because a healthier lifestyle means fewer trips to the doctor and lower health insurance costs.

1. Most Health Coaches are self-employed and can earn as much as they'd like, making this a brilliant career decision in our economy. You'll work when you want, where you want, how you want – doing work that you'll love. As a Holistic Health Coach, you work for yourself, with UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL! In fact many health coaches are earning over $200 per hour!

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